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Queen Releasing Legendary 1975 Hammersmith Odeon Gig

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Coming on November 20th is the latest archival collection from Queen. Rolling Stone reported Queen – A Night At The Odeon – Hammersmith 1975 will be released on CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, vinyl, digitally, and in a super deluxe box set. Guitarist Brian May spoke about the crowd at the December 24th, 1975 gig, saying, “They sing along on some things but not a lot. In those days, people went to a rock show to listen — and to jump about and scream and shout, but not to sing every word like they do now. And there’s nobody with mobile phones in the audience, nobody doing selfies — how weird is that?”

He went on to say, “We’ve never played ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ in full, because the middle bit is a little work of art, it’s something that’s painted on a canvas and you can’t really reproduce that – or, at least, we prefer not to try (recreating) the operatic bits. It’s a choice we made early on; we thought, ‘We don’t want to be standing there trying to reproduce 140 voices in the studio.’ You can’t really pretend you’re doing that on stage.”

May admitted that watching the 40-year-old footage felt strange for him: “It was very weird. It seems like watching another person, that young boy. I look so thin! I look very serious and the body language is so different now — I was quite shy in those days. There was a lot of noise and energy in the playing, but my body is different from the way I am now. These days I feel a channel in the body towards the noise that’s coming out, but in those days it looks like it just comes from nowhere.”

Shortly before his 1991 death, Freddie Mercury explained that the variety of having multiple songwriters is what made Queen’s albums so interesting: “I think this is one of the few groups that all four members write. In a funny way, when we do a Queen album, they’re like four solo projects within themselves anyway; ’cause, I mean, I have my bunch of songs, Brian has his, Roger (Taylor), and John (Deacon). . . And so, it’s like four little solo projects working side by side and them we put them all together. So, I think that is the reason that we didn’t go and do solo projects earlier on. If we were writing all the same kind of songs, then we would’ve gotten fed up and said, ‘Oh, I want to do my solo album first.’ But we all are writing different songs, so it keeps us interested.” ”

“Bring Back That Leroy Brown”
“Brighton Rock”
“Son And Daughter”
“Keep Yourself Alive”
“In The Lap Of The Gods . . . Revisited”
“Big Spender”
“Jailhouse Rock Medley”
“Seven Seas Of Rhye”
“See What A Fool I’ve Been”
“God Save The Queen”

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