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Queen Launches New ‘Play The Game’ App

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Queen may be on hiatus, with latest frontman Adam Lambert persuing solo projects, but as always, the brand is alive and well. The group, led by Brian May and Roger Taylor, has launched a new app, called Play The Game, after the band’s 1980 classic, which the combines Queen’s history and music with the chance to snag prizes via a string of puzzles and trivia contests. So far, there are some 900 trivia questions banked in the app. Play The Game is now available to download for iOS and Android, and costs around $3.00.

Rolling Stone posted: “Play The Game will also host monthly competitions where users will be able to win Queen merchandise and prizes. The first competition ends June 30th and includes a mini-Freddie Mercury statue as part of a prize. Users must have reached a certain level within the game in order to be eligible. For instance, the first competition will be open to those who have achieved two stars.”

Roger Taylor told us that his greatest pride is that all these years later, the band and Freddie Mercury still resonates with Queen’s die-hard fan base — along with millions of new fans every year: “He’s bigger now than he ever was. It’s absolutely true, and that makes me sort of proud. And I think that is one of the reasons why. . . I think you come to a realization that it’s really, that is what you are — it’s what you’ve done — but that defines what you are, and be content with that, and make it good. And I’m very proud of the fact that, y’know, our music is still on the radio and that Freddie is still a part of popular culture and I feel that I’ve done something, then.”

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