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Proposed Zoning Change Draws Comments Before Cortland City Council

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Graham Street

Cortland City Council on Tuesday night heard public comments about proposed changes in zoning aimed at the residential and rental homes on the SUNY Cortland hill.

Simply put, the zoning change would ban sales of some homes in the area – for use as apartment buildings – if it is close to existing apartments.

Bruce Titler lives on Stevenson Street and is in favor of the zoning change. He says his neighborhood is a nice mix of owner/occupied homes and rentals, young and old. “I like this proposed change because I think it will help stabilize the neighborhood and we can maintain the nice mixture, instead of having a proliferation of homes that aren’t occupied by the owners,” said Titler.

Rich McDonald from Harrington Avenue is against the proposal, and says homeowners should be allowed to sell to the buyer who will pay the most. “I think the college is our only industry and we have to cater to that college, and housing close to campus is what the kids want,” said McDonald.

One of his neighbors told the council that if the zoning is approved, he may sell his home now.

Prospect Street property owner Robert Stacy offered another suggestion to council. “I don’t have an actual issue with this zoning being passed,” he said. “Because, I think that you could write ten more of them in ten more years. It really doesn’t matter. You gotta enforce the laws that you pass. There’s where it’s gotta go.”

No vote on the Zoning proposal was taken on Tuesday night.

More from the Council Agenda:

  • Mayor Brian Tobin recognized city employees Carleton Grantham for 25 years, and Judith Delucia and Leslie Buchanan for 30 years of service to the City of Cortland.
  • In declaring April 27 Arbor Day, the Mayor mentioned if any city homeowner would like a tree planted on their property to call City Hall.
  • Council heard presentations on the annual Paint the Town Purple event and a proposed Citizen’s Police Academy.

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