Project Kinks: Ray Davies says he and brother Dave are writing songs together for possible reunion project

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ABC AudioKinks co-founders Ray Davies and Dave Davies have been working on new music together recently, although nothing concrete has been announced. Now, Ray has shared some details with Rolling Stone about the status of the potential reunion project.

“Dave and I are having a collaboration on a few songs, which will be a first,” reveals Ray, who usually composes tunes by himself. “I’ll be like, ‘Here is the chorus, you write verse two.’ I’m trying to keep the energy flowing, and I really want Dave involved creatively.”

Ray and Dave have been using drum machines on the demos they’re working on, but Ray tells Rolling Stone that he’s hoping to get original Kinks drummer Mick Avory to play on the final versions of the songs, even though Mick and Dave have long had a contentious relationship.

“It was a childish spat,” Ray says of the feud. “I got them to say ‘hello’ last year. I want to get them in the studio together. I’m calling it ‘Project Kinks.'”

As for whether a reunited version of The Kinks would consider touring the U.S., Ray notes, “We have to make the record first,” adding, “But if we do play again, we’ll come to America.”

Asked if the work that he and Dave are doing together means The Kinks are officially back together now, Ray says, “The word ‘together’ is misleading…We were never together. But we’re back to our dysfunction again.”

Meanwhile, The Kinks will be releasing an expanded version of their 1970 album Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire) on October 25. Among the many bonus tracks on the deluxe reissue are 12 songs Dave Davies recorded around that time for an aborted solo album.

Ray describes his brother’s songs as “sensitive and quite beautiful.”

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