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Prince’s Funeral Pushed Back Until August

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Prince’s sister, Tyka Nelson, has revealed that a memorial for the late singer will take place in August.

Nelson wrote in a Facebook post, “The proposed plan is to have our Memorial/Funeral/Tribute in August. Let me make myself VERY CLEAR! Neither I nor my brother’s remains will be present at any Memorial or Funeral services, until the families sic Memorial/Funeral/Tribute. Therefore I support any and all Memorials or Funerals that have happened and/or are being planned… However I will Not be in attendance, because I feel that once…is enough.”

She continued, “My brother was a Very Private man and so a Funeral had been planned for Saturday April 23rd. But on the evening of Friday April 22nd while we were in the process of inviting a small group of family and friends, those Funeral plans had to be sadly aborted. With the help of the Paisley Park staff (because some friends had already flown into town) we held an intimate gathering due to that cancellation, however it was Not a Funeral.”

Nelson added, “We would like everyone to know that, contrary to previous and current reports, there has been no memorial, funeral or tribute service for Prince that was organized or authorized by the family or Paisley Park representatives. Together, the family is planning an official memorial service and public event to take place in the near future.”

In other Prince related news, fans of the late singer have started a petition, opposing Madonna’s upcoming Prince tribute. The petition says, “We cannot let Madonna be the main and only artist tributing Prince during the 2016 Billboard Awards. He is more than worthy of a better choice as a main performer.

Please sign and share this petition so that we can get a proper tribute on May 22, 2016. Timing is tight! Spread the word.” As of Sunday night (May 15th), the petition had over 4,500 signatures.

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