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Tonight’s county legislative session: What to watch for

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Cortland legislators will meet at 6 pm this evening for their monthly legislative session at the county office building.

Here are a few key agenda items we’ll be looking out for:


A vote will be taken on moving $250k from the General Fund to cover unemployment payments for the 57 county furloughs forced by COVID-19.

The debt increase makes up a small portion of the multi-million dollar deficit the county faces as a result of the pandemic’s impact on state and local economies.

A chunk of the burden deals with budget gaps related to Medicaid, which got some federal assistance this week in the form of a new statute increasing state reimbursement by 6.2% for the duration of COVID-19.

That amounts to about $556k in rebates for Cortland County.

However, local officials told WXHC it means nothing unless the state actually follows through with delivering the funds, referencing some $2M in previously awarded Medicaid relief dollars that still haven’t come through.

Transportation funds

Also on tonight’s agenda, the legislature will accept more than $1.2M in CARES Act funding to help cover sunken costs associated with the county transportation system.

Here’s how that money will break down:

  • Standard Operating Assistance $1,083,253.00
  • Appalachian Development Funding $ 13,757.00
  • Mobility Management $ 148,469.00
    TOTAL FEDERAL FUNDING $1,245,479.00

SVHC bus advertising

Additional consideration will be made on extending an agreement with Seven Valleys Health Coalition to administer advertising services on county-owned buses through December 31 of this year.

That’s been in place since 2012.

Of the revenue dollars generated by these ads, sixty percent (60%) is retained by SVHC including 10% as an administrative fee and 50% to offset the local match for the Mobility Management System.

The remaining forty percent (40%) is allocated to the County.

Taylor Valley Road

Finally, the legislature will also accept a FEMA grant to support the replacement project of the Taylor Valley Road box culvert, which was heavily damaged in the flooding associated with last Halloween’s storms.

Funding is approved by FEMA for 75% of project costs, with the initial match amount being pulled from the County General Fund not to exceed $250k.

Stay tuned with WXHC News for additional coverage of tonight’s meeting.

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