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JM Murray president discusses impacts of ending federal 14c provision

On today’s Meet Cortland County segment:

JM Murray president/CEO Ernie Dodge discussed an urgent issue at the federal level affecting his organization.

Proposed within the Raise the Wage Act of 2021 (H.R.603) is a phasing out of 14C, a provision that establishes a special minimum wage allowing JM and other companies to provide employment to individuals with disabilities.

“No one is forced to work under the 14c certificate,” said Dodge. “In fact, we encourage individuals to seek competitive employment if that is their desire.

The choice to work under 14c certificate allows individuals the pride and dignity of earning a paycheck that they otherwise might not be able to achieve.

Dodge went on to explain that paid work is the best and least expensive form of habilitation.

The average age of an individual working under 14c at JM Murray is 46. Their average length of service is 13.3 years at 20.58 hours, with average productivity levels around 32.8%.

JM Murray takes no stance on the proposed legislation to raise the federal minimum wage, but strongly opposes phasing out 14c of the Fair Labor Standards Act.


Click on this link for information on the act and what you can do.

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