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Pink Floyd Drummer Says Reunion Could Happen

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Four years after what was announced as Pink Floyd’s swan song, drummer Nick Mason hints that a future reunion is possible. David Gilmour promised that the band’s last album, 2014’s The Endless Wire, was the final Floyd project. The set, which peaked at Number Two on the Billboard 200 album chart, featured recently mixed instrumental jams culled from the sessions for 1994’s The Division Bell. When asked by Classic Rock magazine if he was happy with Gilmour declaring Floyd a done deal following The Endless River, Mason answered, “Am I happy with it? I’ve seen this before. . . My view now is that if David says that, that’s what Roger (Waters) said 20 years ago. So that means that I’m now in charge. I just have to find some more people (laughs)!”

Mason was asked if he sees a time when Pink Floyd would ever return to the stage and admitted, “The answer really is: “I’ve no idea. I think there’s no enthusiasm from David’s particularly. And Roger is, I mean, in theory is no longer part of the band. Having said that, what I think and hope would still be the case is that if there was another Live Aid or a situation where there would be a real purpose in playing together for something a little more altruistic than making the money, I think the others would step up and do it. And I’d hope that something like that might be possible.” When pressed as if his comments were a “definitely maybe,” Mason said: “I’d always say it could happen again.”

As was the case with many of Pink Floyd’s earlier works, the material on The Endless River came from free-form instrumental jams. Nick Mason explained that once the proper songs were tracked, the band allowed itself to explore as in days of old: “After that, came quite a lot of the songs that actually made it on to the album. But we talked about doing this sort of double album. One half would be songs and the other half would be, sort of, ambient tracks — which at the time were, sort of, fairly fashionable. But we never got ‘round to finishing it. I think we probably got a tour booked so we were running out of time, and it just felt like, ‘Let’s get on with it.’”

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