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Pete Townsend To Take A Year Off

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Pete Townshend will be taking a year off. The Who guitarist posted from Sao Paulo, Brazil where the band will close out the year with a handful of South American dates, and filled fans in with where he’s at after a year of touring with both the Who and as part of his Classic Quadrophenia project. Townshend, who despite the news being out for some time, finally acknowledged he married his girlfriend of 20 years, orchestrator Rachel Fuller, and posted a photo on Facebook of the pair getting hitched last December in Twickenham, England.

Townshend addressed fans about his plans for 2018, writing, “This has been a varied year for me. A lot of the usual things happening, and there are many new things a fairly long way in the future for me. I am preparing to take a one-year ‘sabbatical’ from all the things I normally do in my career. The dictionary describes this thus: a period of paid leave granted to a university teacher for study or travel, traditionally one year for every seven years worked. I very doubt I will get paid as much as I do when I work with The Who, but this is really necessary for me. I so desperately need to do something new and different — and yet I don’t really have a plan for what I might do. It will emerge I suppose.”

He went on to post: “The obvious problem for me working in The Who is that I am constantly playing music I wrote a long time ago — most of it over 35 years ago. I’m lucky in many ways, but there is little piece of me that has an unusually loud voice. When I’m on stage it sometimes says ‘… were so brilliant young Pete……’ At other times it says ‘…..when are we going to play something difficult…….?’

Townshend signed off by saying: “Don’t worry, I know I’m lucky.”

The current Who dates mark the band’s first in South America. A while back Pete Townshend admitted that the band hitting new territories is always invigorating for him and Roger Daltrey: “In the past, what has happened when we did the last tour, that tended to roll on a bit. We actually went to Japan and to Australia, New Zealand — but we never ever cracked South America, we never got to Mexico. We didn’t play in any of the European countries outside of, y’know, the Latin ones. But we did play in Spain for the first time on the last tour, and that was something that we waited a long time to do. And it was fantastic when we did it.”

Photo Courtesy of Rick Diamond

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