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Pete Townsend: Roger Daltrey Turned Down Latest Who Material

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Pete Townshend revealed that the lack of a new Who album comes not from a lack of his trying — but rather from Roger Daltrey.

Earlier this month in South America during the Who’s tour-closing set of dates, Townshend was asked by the local news if there’s a possibility for a followup to the Who’s last studio set, 2006’s Endless Wire: “Y’know, probably not. I’ve played Roger six-to-eight songs that I’ve just written. He didn’t feel comfortable with them so. . . Y’know, things have changed for us both. It used to be that I would give him the songs and just say: ‘(beep) (beep) sing them!’ (Laughter) But that’s not the way we are now. We love each other, we respect each other, so, I play him the song and he goes, ‘oh. . . can you change this and change that. . .’ I go ‘No. I can’t.’ So, I don’t think so, but — maybe. I’m playing guitar on some of the songs on his solo album, which comes out next year.”

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