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Pete Townsend Didn’t Read Roger Daltrey’s Memior

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Pete Townshend admits he didn’t read Who co-founder Roger Daltrey’s 2018 memoir, Thanks A Lot Mr Kibblewhite: My Story. It shouldn’t come as a surprise seeing as how Daltrey also stayed away from Townshend’s own 2012 autobiography, Who I Am.

We caught up with Pete Townshend and asked him, seeing as how he figures so prominently in Daltrey’s book, why he’s chosen to not dive in: “We both have our own journey and I know who he is and how he thinks and I know how different we are, and I know he will tell his story and he will have a completely different view of it from me in many ways. But there are loads of things in which we. . . I can’t think of anything more boring about reading a book about the Who. I don’t read anybody else’s books about the Who, either, so, y’know. . . his life is in the Who.”

Townshend acknowledges how strange it is for two men — now in their 70’s — who have been so closely tied creatively since their teenage years, to remain together yet not be particularly close: “Y’know, my wife often says, ‘Y’know, there’s some kind of karmic thing going on there, because, y’know, you don’t spend very much time together, you don’t talk about what you do, and you just kind of get together when you’re thrown together to do a tour — and then you do your thing.’ And I think that’s they way it’s been for a very long time — and probably since the beginning, y’know? So, we do often feel like half-a-band.”

The Who are currently working on their first studio album since 2006. No release date has been announced.

Photo Courtesy of Rob Monk

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