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Paul McCartney Says He And John Lennon Lost ‘Dozens’ Of Songs

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Paul McCartney admits that he and John Lennon must have lost “dozens” of unheard collaborations, simply because they forgot them. McCartney, who wrote an astounding 20 U.S. Number One hits with Lennon, recalled that the absence of tape recorders seriously handicapped the Beatles leaders’ songwriting process.

McCartney explained to The London Evening Standard, “Things have changed quite a bit. You’ve got recording devices now, which change the songwriting process. For instance, John and I didn’t have them when we first started writing; we would write a song and just have to remember it. And there was always the risk that we’d just forget it. If the next morning you couldn’t remember it — it was gone. There must have been dozens lost this way.”

Paul McCartney says that above all the other emotions he has regarding having John Lennon as his best friend for a substantial part of his life, he’s still in awe of their musical connection: “I’ve got so many great memories, and I feel very privileged. Y’know, I’m the guy he wrote with — that’s pretty cool. And we wrote some great stuff and enjoyed it — never really sweated it. We normally finished a song in about three hours, and can’t ever remember coming away from a session without having a song.”

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