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Paul McCartney Recalls He And John Lennon Writing Albums In A Week

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Paul McCartney recalled the days when he and John Lennon would pop out Beatles classics in the span of days. McCartney, who’s riding high on the success of his latest album, Egypt Station, which marked his first chart topper in 36 years, spoke about the classic Lennon/McCartney songwriting partnership.

During a chat with Ultimate Classic Rock Radio, “Macca” recalled the timetable for composing the “Fab Four’s” early material: “We were used to writing fast. You do what you’re used to. You do what, like, they tell you. The way we worked was, we’d be touring, like, all the year — maybe, I don’t know, 300 days out of 365. I think it was more than that. Every night — you never had a night off. And all that happened would be, Brian Epstein, our manager — great manager — would just ring us up and he’s say, ‘Oh, by the way, boys, you’re in the studio in, um, a month’s time, and you can have the week off before it to write the album.’ And me and John would go, ‘Yeah! Great!’ Instead, people now are going, ‘A week?'”

McCartney said that neither of them ever panicked about not having enough time to write: “It was just the time we were given. So I’d go, ‘Oh wow, fantastic, I’ll see you at your place!’ I’d drive out to his place each day of that week, and we’d write a song. Every single session we ever did, we came out with a song.”

Paul McCartney says he looks back on his partnership with John Lennon with great affection: “We had a great collaboration. I mean, I don’t think there’s any doubt about that. Certainly from my point of view, John was like a great person to work with. He must’ve thought I was a great person to work with ’cause we stuck together for all that time. We’d grown up together.”

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