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Paul McCartney Offers New Years Wishes, Drops New Single

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At midnight on January 1st, Paul McCartney released his latest single, the Egypt Station outtake, titled “Get Enough,” and tweeted a New Year’s message to fans. Macca’s “New Year” post stated, “I hope everyone has a really brilliant New Year, with all the fab things they’ve hoped for coming true. And I hope things work out on all the political fronts — that we get more peace than ever, people look after each other and we have a good time!”

The new ballad, “Get Enough” was recorded during the sessions for McCartney’s recent Number One album, Egypt Station, and was produced by One Direction and Demi Lovato hitmaker Ryan Tedder. The track itself has gotten mixed reaction in the greater Beatles community, with most of the discussion focusing on the heavily gimmicked use of auto-tune, which some feel is a needless bow to connect with younger fans.

Despite earning the title of the most successful songwriter of the last century, Paul McCartney admitted that he’s never fully sure if a new track makes the grade or not: “Y’know, you can never what people are gonna like. So, you write songs, you make the record as best as you can, and then certain songs (snaps fingers), people just catch hold of. Sometimes you get a feeling; you think — ‘this is special.’ But most of the time, you don’t know. I mean, the song ‘Get Back’ with the Beatles, I didn’t think much of it. And people kept saying, ‘No, it’s okay, it’s good, it’s good.’ And finally, we made the record, and I played it to some friends, they go ‘Yah! We love it! It’s great, y’know!’ So finally I was convinced.”

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