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Paul McCartney lends song to new video promoting PETA campaign against animal experimentation

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MPL Communications Ltd.Besides being a rock legend, Paul McCartney is a longtime vegetarian and supporter of PETA.  Now he’s allowed the animal-rights organization to use his 1993 song “Looking for Changes” in a new campaign against animal experimentation.

An animated video has been created for Sir Paul’s tune, which decries the use of animals for scientific testing. The clip features a cartoon likeness of McCartney and also depicts experiments being conducted on a cat, a rabbit and a monkey by a mean scientist.

The video ends happily, with the animals being set free and the scientist revealing that he’s changed his ways with regard to the issue. You can watch the clip now at PETA’s official YouTube channel.

A press release notes that “McCartney wants you to know that experiments on animals are cruel and pointless.” The message also maintains that the National Institutes of Health spends more money than any other organization on animal experimentation — over $18 billion — while claiming that the experiments “rarely lead to treatments that can be used to help humans.”

PETA also claims that alternatives to animal testing are being developed that are more effective in aiding human health. In addition, the organization notes that an encouraging development occurred in September, when the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced plans to end toxicity tests on mammals.

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