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Owners of Danby Home Damaged in Police Stand-off Suing Tompkins County

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The owners of a house in Tompkins County that was heavily damaged during a stand-off with police earlier this year have filed a lawsuit against the county.

Back in December, Tompkins County Police and State Troopers became involved in a standoff at a home in the Town of Danby.

The suspect refused to give-up and held police a bay for 60 hours. During that time, police punched holes in the house and foundation to get tear gas and flash grenades into the home. Later police tore away a wall and found the suspect had had died by suicide.

The property owners say that homeowners insurance won’t pay for the damages because the policy does not cover damage caused in a police engagement.

The home was valued at about $106,000, and the cost to rebuild is over $200 thousand dollars.

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