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Onondaga County Ash For Cortland County Landfill Plan Pulled

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cc-leg-102716The plan to cover the Cortland County Landfill with ash from Onondaga County incinerators drew an often boisterous, sometimes disrespectful crowd to Thursday night’s regular October Cortland County Legislature meeting.

Speakers were heckled and mocked.

Among the speakers, Solon Supervisor Steve Furlin relayed a vote from his town board against ash with a threat to legislators, that people will watch their votes and remember it at the next election.

Cincinnatus Town Council member Mike Stafford read a letter of support for the ash plan.

Pam Jenkins of Cortlandville shouted and danced to see if legislators could hear her point of view.

Additional support was voiced or submitted by letter from many of the participants in the ash cover process.

Legislator Thomas Hartnett pointed out that lawmakers were trying to ease the county budget situation. But a tax hike can also do that and he went on record supporting a tax hike if that’s what the people prefer.

Legislator Joseph Steinhoff reminded that lawmakers are all trying to improve Cortland County and need to explore options to improve revenues as they come up.

Steinhoff added that he grew up in McGraw and would have probably voted against the ash plan, but he called out hecklers among the crowd, saying “c’mon.”

Legislator Raylynne Knolls brought up the unruliness of some in the audience during a brief recess. She was frustrated about hecklers mocking some of the speakers because she had difficulty hearing some of the speakers.

Majority Leader Kevin Whitney objected to the sometimes disrespectful members of the audience pointing out people sometimes disagree with the legislature’s votes, and some take more time than given seemingly to spite the lawmakers.

The ash plan was initially tabled, then pulled for another day.

In the words of Mr. Steinhoff: C’mon.

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