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Obituary of Ross E. Kingsley


Ross Kingsley July 8 1959-Feb 2020

Ross Kingsley was the son of the late Walter James Kingsley and Marion Frances Ross Brothers and Sisters Carol Ann Kingsley 1943-2005, Richard James Kingsley 1947-2006, Spike Kingsley Birth and death unknown, Orville James Kingsley 1945-1946 Rose.

Ross Kingsley grow up in Cuyler NY he Graduated from Fabius-Pompey with a IQ of 140 his first job was with IBM Ross was a smart man and good friend who loved his video games and movies always listening to his music his passion was writing short stories he been working on one before he passed.

Ross loved nature and wildlife always going on hikes was part of the boy scouts and hanging out with his small group of friends growing up in his small town.

Ross never had children but he had four cats that he loved and thought of them as his own children and always put his cats first their names are Bubastis, Bolt, Cameo, and Lighting Ross was always posting photos of his cats and loved talking to his friends on Facebook keeping us update date on what was going on in his life.

Ross was of the smartest persons I know who treated his family and friends with respect his heart was always in the right place he never gotten over the death of his Mother Marion Ross is now reunited with his family once again he will be missed deeply with friends and family Ross will be looking down on us all Rest In Peace my friend may God always be with you.

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