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Obituary of Frank DiGanci

My Uncle, A Love Like No Other

It is with deepest sorrow and sadness that I write this tribute to you. Frank DiGanci, 61 years young has passed away. Frankie was born in 1960, in Far Rockaway, Queens, NY. You were an uncle in a million; my uncle was a talented musician, entrepreneur, humble, kind, loving, caring and an amazing heart and soul.!!! He had so many loving bandmates for life and friends who lovingly adored him. Frankie is survived as a loving uncle to me, Andrea DiGanci, also a God Father to my brother, Philip DiGanci Jr., and a loving brother to my father Philip J. DiGanci Sr., and a Nieces’ Carly Shea, and his loving friends, Rick Starmer, Michael Starmer, and Ronnie Starmer (just to name a few).

I remember like it was yesterday how you never failed to visit me and my family and always call to make sure everyone was doing their best. Uncles have a special role. Not being our father, they can be a friend and a supporter in a different way than anyone else in our lives. Come rain, come shine you were there, and you were our pillar of support. You were always around us, and I who you helped to nurture will really miss you and your honest fatherly advice.

Frankie Dee, known to everyone lived his life as an artist, recording, composing, and performing bassist, and guitarist living in New York City. Frankie performed as a member of numerous bands on the stages of “Max’s Kansas City”, “CBGB’s”, “The Ritz,” and the “The Bitter End” to name a few. Frankie suffered from crippling brain damage which caused him to be in great pain for the past ten years, yet always brought positivity to the table despite his chronic discomfort. Always the life of the party, cleverly disguised his growing forgetfulness with humor, showed nothing but love and appreciation for his friends, always took the role of peace maker when band members would quibble. Most importantly Frankie would never sweat the small stuff and urged others to do the same.

Your sudden death came as an incredible shock. This loss of my uncle, Frankie DiGanci is a particularly hard one. Their loss, however, is filled with years of happy memories we had, and that special connection that belongs only to uncles. We did not expect it and wish we had more time to continue to love and appreciate you. God in His infinite wisdom knows best. May the Universe comfort and sustain us and you are with your loving sister, Aunt Suzie (passed in March 2020), and your father, (Grandfather Bartolomeo Charles DiGanci), our family, now and forever always. The universe now has made you pain and cane free, safe resting in perfect peace. Non Addio, MY LOVING UNCLE. We will see you once again.

We had a wonderful uncle,
One who never really grew old;
His smile was made of sunshine,
And his heart was solid gold;
And that’s the way it will always be.
But take heed, because
He’s keeping an eye on all of us,
So let’s make sure
He will like what he sees.

I know that no matter what
You will always be with me.
When life separates us
I’ll know it is only your soul
Saying goodbye to your body and being pain free,
But your spirit will be with me always.
When a butterfly brushes gently by me so care freely
I will know it is you assuring me you are free from pain and your cane.
When the gentle fragrance of a flower catches my attention
I will know it is you reminding me
To appreciate the simple things in life.

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