Obesity Rates in Cortland County Well Above State & National Averages

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A new health report provided exclusively to WXHC News found the average Cortland County adult resident is about 75 pounds heavier than what’s considered “healthy” for their body type – a figure 34% higher than the state average (56 pounds) and 27% higher than the national average (59 pounds).

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Researchers at DietSpotlight reported men in the area to weigh an average 255 pounds and have an average body mass index (BMI) of 37.7. Women in the area weigh in significantly lighter at an average of 191 pounds and a 30.8 BMI.

To compare, a 30 BMI is considered to be “obese.”

More people are living overweight and obese today than ever before, with the World Health Organization estimating that number has tripled since 1975.

Upwards of two billion people are overweight or obese across the world, including nearly 95 million Americans and about 60% of New Yorkers.

While the data may be concerning, there are programs in place to help like the iChoose600 Campaign, which teaches the importance and simplicity of calorie control for people of all ages.

The Campaign suggests choosing meals that supply fewer than 600 calories and eating three meals a day that add up to 1800 calories.

Research for this DietSpotlight report were reviewed by a team of medical and nutrition professionals and experts.

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