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NYS DMV Website Sees Huge Spike in Traffic

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New York’s Department of Motor Vehicles says more than six million transactions were processed on its website last year, up by 500,000 from the year before.

The DMV says New Yorkers can renew and replace driver licenses and vehicle registrations and obtain driving records online. An initiative in 2012 to increase efficiency and improve customer service on the website has reduced the average wait time at state DMV offices from 72 minutes in 2013 down to 30 minutes in 2014.

The website at was redesigned in early 2014 to include dozens of transactions that can now be completed online.

The New York State County Clerks Association says the website has put them in direct competition with the state for DMV business.

The local DMV office keeps nearly 13% of all transactions that come through their offices. If customers use the state website the county clerks don’t see that money. There is also concern over security by allowing drivers to renew licenses online instead of coming into the DMV to verify their identity and current status.

The department in 2013 let New Yorkers make reservations to visit its offices and says they’ve made more than 700,000 since.

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