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NY Governor Candidate Molinaro Responds To Cuomo’s “America Was Never Great” Comment

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Gov. Cuomo is taking heat after he said “America has never been great” in response to President Trump’s upstate visit on Monday.

X101 News had a chance to catch up with one of Cuomo’s opponents in the upcoming election, republican candidate Marc Molinaro:

“This nation has been a beacon of hope and opportunity for countless people for generations. Certainly, not without imperfection, but we have been striving for generations to live up to the promise of America.”

Molinaro continued by explaining exactly why he thinks America is and always has been great.

“It is that potential, it is the principles upon which we’ve been founded, and really our people that have made America great, make America great and will always make America great. I’m ashamed my governor doesn’t know that.”

The primary elections for governor of New York take place Thursday, September 18th, and the general election Tuesday, November 6th.

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