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With all that’s currently happening in the world, WXHC is recognizing members of our community who continue to be eXtraordinary.

One local person will be recognized each month, nominated by those around them who have been touched by their grace.

Submit your nomination today by using the form at the bottom of this page.

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(McDowell/Classic House Photos)

Darris Mcdowell

Owner, The Squeeze Juice Bar

Originally from the NYC-area, Mcdowell moved to Cortland and started his business in 2017.

He hosted Cortland’s first ever “Black-owned Business Appreciation Day” on August 8, using the proceeds to buy backpacks and other school supplies for a free give away at The Squeeze on September 1.

Mcdowell also provided a free smoothie event for the community earlier this summer – that event was helped along by donations from several friends who traveled hundreds of miles to attend in support.

During the interview, Darris thanked all who have helped him succeed, like other business owners, city officials and the local Chamber of Commerce.

Press play below for the interview with McDowell:


Stay tuned for September’s eXtraordinary person!

What is an eXtraordinary Person?


eXtraordinary [ ik-strawr-dn-er-ee, ek-struh-awr- ]
exceptional in character, amount, extent, degree, etc.; noteworthy; remarkable.

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