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New York Law Passed Authorizing The Production And Sale Of Beer And Hard Cider Ice Cream

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New York State Senate sent a press release yesterday announcing that a law was passed which now authorizes the craft and sale of beer and hard cider ice cream in New York. The law is aimed to benefit both the dairy and craft beer/cider industries, as well as giving the opportunity to food retailers and restaurants to sell a new line of products.

Senator James L. Seward, the sponsor for the law, stated:

“Both the dairy and craft beer/cider industries are key contributors to our agriculture economy. By combining the two, we are able to capitalize on homegrown New York ingredients with the creation of a cool new, innovative product.”

The new law is similar to another law that was passed in 2008, authorizing the production and sale of wine ice cream, and is held to the same limitations. Any alcohol in ice cream or other frozen desserts cannot exceed 5% alcohol by volume, These products cannot be sold to any one under the age of 21, and products are required to have proper labeling indicating the alcohol content.

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