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New Who Doc Spotlights Groundbreaking Co-Managers

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The groundbreaking documentary about the Who’s two original managers, Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp, titled Lambert & Stamp, begins its New York City run today (April 3rd) at Manhattan’s Sunshine Cinema. Directed by James D. Cooper, with the cooperation of the late-Chris Stamp and surviving Who members Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey, the film chronicles the two key players in the saga, who were as cutting edge and forward thinking as their clients, breaking similar boundaries as “rock” grew out of the ashes of the old showbiz traditions.

In an amazing twist of fate, the upper crust Oxford-schooled Lambert and the East End street smart hooligan Stamp, were able to keep the Who grounded while facilitating their loftier pop art and even operatic ambitions.

Director James D. Cooper explained that both Lambert and Stamp played decidedly different roles in achieving the common goal for the Who as they steered the band during its first decade: “Kit might have had, supposedly, the intellect; I think the intellect was probably a lot between the two of them, because the conversations would be carried out by Chris Stamp — he would put them into action. Kit would have, one would infer, because of the speedy, flashy thing, that he was — I imagine — what I observed pretty free associative. But you need a pragmatist to catch the ideas and apply them. And, y’know, Pete (Townshend) would say, ’Y’know, you got a lot from Kit, but, y’know, he lacked follow-through.’ Stamp was the one who would be, like, ‘This is great — what are we doing Tuesday morning?’”

Lambert and Stamp, who owned the Who and Jimi Hendrix’s record company — Track Records — ended their tenure with the Who in 1975.

Kit Lambert died in 1981 at age 45 of a cerebral hemorrhage after falling down a flight of stairs.

Chris Stamp, who was the younger brother of actor Terence Stamp, went on to become psychodrama therapist, addiction counselor, and a licensed mental health counselor. He died at age 70 in 2012 shortly after wrapping production on Lambert & Stamp.

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