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New State Law Increases Animal Health Standards And Toughens Up On Pet Dealers

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State lawmakers yesterday (August 8) passed new regulations that increase both health and safety standards for animals at pet dealers across New York.

Enhanced guidelines are now in place for sanitary enclosures and food receptacles, annual veterinary examinations, regular grooming and diurnal light cycles.

Separate spaces are also now required for pregnant dogs in order to provide them sufficient room to nurse and care for a litter.

The new law also requires pet dealers to clean the primary enclosures for all animals daily and sanitize them every two weeks.

Additionally, isolation areas for ill animals must now meet the housing requirements for healthy animals.

Governor Cuomo:

“If pet dealers are going to profit from the sale of living animals, they should at the very least adhere to basic standards of decency and care. These new rules will create safer, more sanitary and more humane conditions for animals while they wait for a new permanent home.”

Senator Jen Metzger:

“This legislation, which I was proud to sponsor, provides much needed protections and standards for treatment of companion animals under the care of pet dealers and breeders. Now that this legislation has been signed into law, New Yorkers can be assured that the animals they purchase have been properly cared for, which is so important to their long-term health. The law also provides much-needed protection from the kind of abusive practices and negligent behavior that has occurred at unscrupulous puppy mills, which care only about profit with little regard for the animals’ welfare.”

Assembly Member Amy Paulin:

“Starting today, New York State will ensure that pet dealers will be held to standards that will promote the safety, good health, and overall well-being of the animals in their care. There have been too many instances when pet dealers have neglected to properly groom animals in their charge, and those animals have been found with overgrown nails, excessive matting of fur, and infestations of fleas and ticks. With this law, we will prevent this kind of negligent treatment.”

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