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New Siena Poll Of Likely New York Voters

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A new Siena College poll of likely voters in New York State was released early Tuesday morning.

Hillary Clinton now holds a 21-point lead over Donald Trump, 51%-30% (down a little from a 25-point, 50%-25% lead last month), with 8% for Gary Johnson and 3% for Jill Stein.

According to the poll of likely New York State registered voters:

  • By more than three-to-one, likely New York voters both support a pathway for citizenship for those now here illegally and believe that climate change is a significant threat to our planet.
  • By smaller margins, they want to keep and improve, rather than repeal and replace, Obamacare (by 18 points); consider themselves gun control supporters, rather than 2nd Amendment supporters (by 15 points); and, want the federal government to do more to stimulate the economy, rather than lessening its role (by nine points).
  • Governor Andrew Cuomo has a 57%-39% favorability rating, up a little from 53%-40% last month, and his job performance rating is a negative 41%-57%, down a little from negative 43%-55% last month. If he runs for re-election in 2018, 45% say they’re prepared to re-elect him, compared to 49% who would prefer ‘someone else,’ down a little from 46%-47% in August.
  • Senator Chuck Schumer has a commanding 46-point lead over Wendy Long, up from 39 points last month.

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