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New Cortland County School Safety Task Force Holds First Meeting

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The first meeting of the Cortland County School Safety Task Force on Tuesday drew about 30 leaders from education, government and law enforcement.

District Attorney Patrick Perfetti says one focus will be communication with the public in an emergency. “Communication plans with the public in general and particularly parents,” said Perfetti. “That’s probably an area where we’re gonna lend some of our initial focus.”

Police and educators currently train for school emergencies, but could benefit by working more closely. D.A. Perfetti suggests a bit of team building. “To the extent that something arises that we haven’t anticipated, or specifically trained to address, that we’re at least going to be able to work cooperatively enough so that we can get the best result for everyone involved.”

School Safety Task Force meeting at the Cortlandville Fire Department

The effort to get more School Resource Officers in county schools was another discussion topic.

According to Perfetti, the group is modeled after one that just formed in Syracuse.

He was pleased at the turnout in Cortland County. “We had a response from every agency we contacted,” said Perfetti. “They sent at least one representative. Many sent two. We’re very gratified by the fact that the community takes this seriously and supports it.”

This new group expects to meet once a month.

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