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New Bon Jovi Album Coming In March

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Bon Jovi will release their 14th album, This House Is Not For Sale, in March, according to Ultimate Classic Rock. Last week, during a press conference in Kuala Lumpur, frontman Jon Bon Jovi explained, “(The album) is really going back to the beginning. This record is about our integrity. Integrity matters and we’re at a stage of our career where we don’t have anything left to prove. Some songs have a little more of the ‘chip on my shoulder’ sound which is OK for us to have right now.”

He went on to shed light on the recording process: “We were recording at different times and different rooms in the studio. That’s not happening anymore. We went back to (New York City’s Power Station) where we cut ”Runaway’ in 1982 — where I used to sweep the floor and fetch coffee. And, we did This House Is Not For Sale.”

Bon Jovi went on to joke: “But old habits (die hard). I kept cleaning up the place and bringing them (keyboardist David Bryan and drummer Tico Torres) coffee.”

Over 30 years into the band’s career, Jon Bon Jovi told us that he’s proud of the progress he’s made, and regrets little because he ultimately stayed true to himself: “Y’know, I was like ev. . . you were goal oriented and you were a kid and you were living in and of the moment and at 21, all I cared about was that first record. And y’know, at 25 you were caught up in — you were blessed with the opportunity to have Slippery When Wet, so by the time that you were 50 — and what I (laughs) did say when I was 25, I thank God, and I can stand up and tell you it came true, was that I didn’t want to be 50, writin’ ‘bitch’ on my belly, painting my fingernails black (laughs) — y’know? Fortunately, it was a self-fulfilling prophecy, because I didn’t.”

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