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Four Mumps Cases now Confirmed at SUNY Cortland

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County health officials say three more SUNY Cortland students have tested positive for mumps, bringing the total amount to four in the past week.

The latest update follows announcement of the first case on Wednesday (February 26).

Four other students were also identified as showing symptoms of the virus, one of whom has since tested negative.

Additionally, one faculty member has been asked not to report to campus while their health is being looked at.

“Those who were confirmed to have the virus were isolated for the required length of time and are no longer considered contagious,” University Public Relations Director Fred Pierce said. “They have either recovered or are recovering.”

Pierce said the university will continue to work closely with state and county health officials to ensure appropriate measures continue to be taken to protect the public.

The administration has temporarily suspended all field placements for education majors who work with children at schools, child care centers, after school programs and other programs in the community.

However, school officials say this is a simply a precautionary measure and don’t believe any infected students have been in schools.

The suspension will NOT affect the placements of student teachers, as most of them are not living on campus and have little risk of exposure. It’s currently scheduled to last through March 23, when SUNY Cortland students return from spring break.

Instructors have been asked to accommodate students impacted so that they will not be penalized.

“All students at SUNY Cortland are in compliance with state law that requires students to be vaccinated against mumps,” said Pierce. “Unfortunately, the immunity gained from childhood vaccination can sometimes wane over time, making even vaccinated people susceptible.”

To learn more about about mumps, visit SUNY Cortland’s mumps information page.

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