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Mick Jagger’s New Single Having Tough Time Selling

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Mick Jagger’s new double A-side single has stiffed. According to, “Get A Grip” and “England Lost” have sold a paltry 2,000 copies apiece — a long way from the Rolling Stones’ multi-platinum chart-topping days of Some Girls and “Miss You.” Roger Friedman posted on the site: “‘Grip’ is slightly more successful because it’s better. ‘England Lost’ is a sonic mess. Both tracks, though mixed and remixed by top contemporary producers, sound a little like U2 circa ‘Mysterious Ways.'”

He went on to primarily blame terrestrial radio for Jagger’s bad fortunes, adding, “Radio has pretty much ignored the tracks, as well. But that happens to every legacy artist. Classic rock stations hypocritically play all the old music by Rock Stars, but refuse to support their new material. It’s really stupid — they’re killing the future of their own business.”

Mick Jagger explained that he’s not really a political animal, and tries to stay as independent as he possibly can in regards to his tastes and beliefs: “I was never very keen on joining political parties. And when I was at college, I was at a very left-wing college, and I never felt the joining of it, y’know? I like football and I support Arsenal (football club). I’m not a rabid supporter, I’m not really a kind of joiner or scarf-wearer.”

The Rolling Stones will next perform on September 9th in Hamburg, Germany.

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