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Mick Jagger Says Gigging ‘Must Be Like Playing Football’

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Mick Jagger is currently working on new music ahead of the Rolling Stones’ 2019 “No Filter” tour dates. During a chat with The Associated Press, Jagger was asked about the new material, answering, “It’s going good. I’ve got lots of stuff. I’m doing some more writing this week. And I’m always, like, messing around. I enjoy the writing process a lot. I mean, you always think the last thing you wrote is really wonderful and sometimes they’re really not (laughs). But it’s really fun doing it and it’s really enjoyable doing new things.”

Jagger, who’ll be edging towards 76 when the band’s North American stadium dates kick off next spring, spoke about the high one gets when playing front of that many people, joking, “When you go out in front of all those people you get an enormous rush of chemicals in your body — your own chemicals, not chemicals you’ve put in. Let’s face it, it is a huge buzz. Must be like playing football or something.”

He shed light on what being on tour is really like: “Basically your life’s attuned to doing those few hours onstage and everything else is a build up to that. Of course, you get to enjoy yourself at other times, but really you’re thinking about the next show or the show you’re doing that night. A lot of prep time goes into that — keeping yourself (together) so you can get through the whole thing without screwing up physically and mentally and keeping yourself really sharp. But I really enjoy it.”

Jagger touched upon how a band like the Stones decides on a setlist: “The thing about the catalogue is when we come up to doing a tour like this, I try and go back and find some stuff that we haven’t done ever or we haven’t done very much and try to mix it in, so it isn’t always the same show. But when you’re playing a really big show, there’s a certain amount of songs people want to hear — you don’t have to play them — but there’s a certain percentage of the songs that people will want to hear and if you don’t do them, they’ll go, ‘Wish he’d done that one.'”

Jagger, who’s been behind the scenes on both the small and silver screen these days, serving as producer on the short-lived HBO rock drama Vinyl as well as the James Brown biopic, Get On Up, revealed he’s just wrapped his first acting work in years: “I just actually finished doing a cameo part in a movie which is kind of a twisted thriller, which is called The Burnt Orange Heresy. I just finished doing that in Italy. I did a couple weeks on that, so it’ll be out next year. It was only a small part, but fun to do.”

Mick Jagger says that keeping a balance between being professional and being cool is a tricky fence to sit on when performing live in concert: “When you have an audience that’s seen everything, then you have to work a lot harder. But if you work too hard, then it looks ridiculous, so (laughs) you have to time it right.”

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