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Members Of The Living History Troupe, Yesterday’s Gentlemen Stopped By The Studio

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The 1890 House Museum is hosting an interactive, theatrical performance all day on June 16th. In partnership with New York State Path’s Through History, they are proud to showcase the Living History troupe Yesterday’s Gentlemen, who bring New York inventors and social innovators to life.

Come meet innovative stalwarts like Nikola Tesla, George Westinghouse, and others.

This event is admission free, made possible by our Generous Sponsors – Andrews Agency, X101 Always Classic and Tompkins Trust Company.

Mike Eves on Thursday (June 14th) had members of the living history troupe, Yesterday’s Gentleman join him in studio from 3 to 5pm. A name you might be familiar with, George Westinghouse and his wife¬†Margeurite Westinghouse.

Everything was discussed from their education and inventions to how they met.

(Interview clips taken over a 2-hour peroid from Mike’s Afternoon show)

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