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Members of Public Works & Public Safety Commission Raise Concerns to Common Council


Members from the City of Cortland Public Works & Public Safety Commission spoke during the City of Cortland Common Council meeting on Tuesday during the privilege of the floor to bring up recent concerns.

Theresa Quail, a member of the Public Works & Public Safety Commission for the City of Cortland spoke to the Council with fellow members of the commission, Bill Stark and Mary Lou Bordwell also attending. Quail spoke on concerns regarding recommendations made by the commission not being shared to council members or are easily accessible to all members.

The concern was brought up after the commission was asked to review on lowering the speed limit on several streets within the City of Cortland. Quail noted the final decision after the recommendations by the Commission are done by the Common Council, but said it has come up that their recommendations weren’t shared. During the Commission’s April 9th meeting, members of the Public Works & Public Safety Commission voted to approve sending all approved minutes of their meetings directly to Common Council Members.

Speaking next to the Mayor and Common Council was fellow member of the commission Bill Stark, who brought up concerns regarding the recent termination of an employee at the City of Cortland Public Works Department. X101 News has learned the employee terminated was Deputy Superintendent, Billy Lund.

Stark noted the amount of current road works projects slated within the city for this construction season. He continued on saying the individual who has now left the DPW (Lund), had a “significant amount of responsibility” for the slated projects.

“We are hoping that the Common Council is aware of this and can address this situation.”

Stark said to the Mayor and Common Council.

His concerns for Nic Dovi, Superintendent of the City of Cortland Public Works, were of the increased workload for Dovi.

“We’re very concerned he [Dovi] will become overloaded and this will become a problem when trying to complete these projects in a timely and financially sound manner. So we’re asking you [Common Council] to please advise us as the DPW Commission as to what your plans are to fulfill this position that was critical in his day-to-day operation.” Stark continued.

Further examples of recommendations made by the commission that were reportedly ignored were explained by member Mary Lou Bordwell. She noted the city choosing another company for asphalt, which she says led to delays and quality concerns, and installation of bricks between the road and sidewalk on Clinton Ave. and on South Main Street.

During privilege of the floor, the city will not comment on issues raised. X101 News has reached out to the City of Cortland for comment on Lund’s termination, but has not heard back. It is to note Lund was on a one year probation with the City of Cortland which specifies he can be terminated without cause within one year or prior to taking a civil service test, X101 learned. Lund was terminated on Thursday, April 11th.

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