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Man Threatens Another With Knives In Front Of Two Children on Rickard Street

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A Cortland man was arrested Sunday (August 11) for brandishing two knives to threaten another man in front of his two young daughters, following a disturbance outside an apartment building on Rickard Street.

Cortland Police say 44-year old Cheron Edwards, of Main Street, and a 48-year-old man were arguing when Edwards pulled out two knives. He held one in each hand and waved them around threatening to stab the other man, who was with his one- and nine-year-old daughters at the time.

It’s unclear what the disturbance was about originally and conflicting witness accounts disagree on which of the two men was the initial aggressor. An investigation later determined that to be Edwards.

He later surrendered himself to Cortland Police without incident and was remanded to Cortland County Jail with no bail, scheduled to appear in Cortland City Court at 9:00 this morning (August 14).

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