Lindsey Buckingham Talks The 80s, Abba, Among Other Things

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During a very lighthearted video chart with Pitchfork, Lindsey Buckingham gave his thoughts on Mickey Mouse, drum solos, the TV show Alf, among other subjects. When quizzed about cocaine, the ousted Fleetwood Mac guitarist gave a pretty honest answer: “Cocaine. Well, you gotta remember, I grew up — I came up — in a subculture in the ’70s, in which everyone was doing what they thought they had to do to be creative and that turned out to be a complete myth. And, uh. . . a lot of people got in trouble for not knowing when to stop. A lot of people I know.”

Buckingham was asked about the 1980’s: “The decade of the ’80s. That’s a tough one. I’ll tell you what; I think the ’80s were, in which the subculture I was referring to earlier, hit the wall in the ’80s where everyone was having to come to terms with the fact that they were at a point where they couldn’t go on with that. I don’t know, I think it was just a time for making a right turn.”

Buckingham was then asked about his thoughts on ABBA — that other ’70s group comprised of couples who broke up and continued to work together: “Oh ABBA? They’re brilliant. ABBA also has an analogy going to Fleetwood Mac in the sense that there were two guys and two girls — we had three guys and two girls — but it’s the idea of people who, perhaps, have been couples, somehow managing to function and making that work. Y’know, I think the results can be transcendent — as they were most of the time with Fleetwood Mac — and as they certainly are with ABBA.”

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