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Legislature could divert funds to help fill budget gap

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Cortland legislators meet for their full monthly session next week, where a vote will be taken on using $250k in sales tax dollars to begin covering a more than $5M budget deficit.

That money would be subtracted from an overall $375k otherwise meant to be split among the jail reserve, a debt reduction reserve, and a reserve to pay down the previously approved emergency communications project.

As per a 2018 sales tax agreement reached with municipalities, the county typically makes that deduction “off the top” of the total net revenue amount each quarter.

Fifty-four percent of the remainder is then kept by the county and the rest is distributed among each locality.

Legislative chair Paul Heider said he has met with several mayors who seem to understand the difficult situation and support the county’s decision to make temporary changes.

Second-quarter figures for FY-2020 were recently issued and are now up for authorization at next week’s meeting.

Out of a grand total $7.1M reported by the state comptroller, just over $6.7M is available for distribution after the “off the top” deduction of $375k.

Fifty-four percent of the remainder comes out to around $3.65M to the county, with the rest distributed as follows:

Thursday’s (August 27) meeting begins at 6 pm and can be accessed via live-stream at

Stay tuned with WXHC News for coverage next week.

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