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During the month of May, the Cortland County Health Department is emphasizing education on ticks and tick-borne illnesses such as Lyme Disease.

Diane Madik-Lamont, Supervising Sanitarian, Environmental Health at the Cortland County Health Department, lists some of the resources available to the public. “We have information on our website, our Facebook page. We have been very proactive in any events that come up. We have numerous brochures and pamphlets.”

Link: Cortland County Health Department on Facebook

Link: Cortland County Health Department

With the start of another round of County Health Rabies Clinics, there are new opportunities to pick up what’s called a “tick kit.” “They have tweezers, instructions on how to remove a tick, not just from your pets but from yourself, a tick ID card so that you can possibly identify what it is.”

Link: Cortland County Rabies Clinic Poster (pdf)

Listen to X101 news this week for more stories on ticks and Lyme Disease, including Wednesday, when Health Department staff tells how to do a tick check!

Link: NYS Department of Health: Dress To Repel (pdf)


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