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Last Night’s Cortland County Legislative Session: What You Need To Know

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Last night’s (November 29) legislative session of the Cortland County Legislature was a very busy meeting.

Many orders of business were passed through the Board, including the official adoption of a County budget for next year.

Here are some highlights from the meeting:


(Final approved hotel occupancy tax allocation for the 2019 County budget. Scanned from a document handed out at last night’s meeting.)

When all was said and done, very little changes were made to the original budget proposal released last week other than the amendments already proposed this week. A full description of those amendments, along with a more in-depth look at the budget itself CAN BE FOUND HERE.

In a special meeting of the Budget and Finance Committee yesterday at 4:00 p.m., it was decided the Cortland Downtown Partnership will end up receiving $5,000 from the County’s occupancy tax allocation, after much controversy over the initial recommendation to give it nothing.

The rest of the final hotel occupancy tax allocation budget can be seen to the right:

The adopted budget yields a property tax levy of just over 35.4 million dollars, a 2% increase from last year’s. The average county tax rate will go up 1.37%.

Residential Recycling Permits

Another resolution that was passed last night establishes a residential permit system to ensure resident-only use of Cortland County recycling facilities.

The costs of recycling have gotten much more expensive in recent years and the Legislature says the receipt of recycled materials from outside our County has only added to the struggle. This has led to an undue burden on the taxpayers who live here.

The County Highway Department Superintendent and Landfill Manager will now begin developing the permit system.

County Property at 49 Grant Street

The County also decided to rescind a proposal to sell the vacant property it owns located at 49 Grant Street (the former Horizon House).

The Legislature had put the property up for bid and received no offers, so it will now work to find an appropriate re-use of the facilities there.

State Money for Cortland County Bridge Projects

It was also announced last night that the Cortland County Highway Department received over $7 million from the state as part of the Bridge NY initiative.

Just over $4.3 million will go towards the work over on Loring Crossing Road. $2.1 million will be used for for McGraw-Marathon Road over Hunts Creek and just under $900,000 for North Tower Road. MORE INFO ON THAT STORY HERE.

Snow and Ice Control 2018 Budget Increase

Due to an early start to the winter weather, the County Highway Department had to transfer $100,000 from within its 2018 Road Fund Budget in order to purchase enough salt and snow/ice control for the remainder of the season.

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