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Keith Richards Shocked At Bill Wyman Knocking ‘Glimmer Twins’ Honor

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Keith Richards is shocked at former Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman’s recent comments slamming the plaque in London marking the launch of the Stones. A historical plaque was erected at London’s Dartford Railway Station at the spot where childhood friends Keith Richards and Mick Jagger reconnected as teens and forged rock’s second greatest partnership, following that of John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

Wyman spoke with Clash magazine and slammed the plaque, naming instead late-co-founder Brian Jones as the Stones’ true catalyst and visionary.

Richards talked about the situation to Esquire, revealing, “Mick just the other day came up to me and says, ‘Do you believe this s***, man? Bill Wyman is complaining about the plaque at Dartford station.’ I said, ‘A plaque? I thought we had a statue.’ I know (Bill) took umbrage with that, but I can’t understand why. Bill wasn’t there when the band was formed. (keyboardist) Ian Stewart formed the band — we gravitated around him.”

Richard went on to say: “Bill was a quirky, funny old f***er, but why he should make some 
kind of public ‘do about it. . . I think Mick sent a note saying — because Bill comes from a town called Penge — ‘Bill, if a plaque went up in Penge station that said you were the founding member of the Rolling Stones, do you think we’d complain?’ But Bill — oh, we love him 
dearly, and he was a hell of a bass player. We didn’t tell him to leave.” Bill Wyman quit the band following the 1989/1990 Steel Wheels/Urban Jungle world tour.
Keith Richards recalled the day on October 17th, 1961 that he reconnected with Mick Jagger at Dartford Station: “We bumped into each other on the train, and the man had the records, y’see. Mick, he always (laughs), he had these records under his arm and I’m looking . . . I’m wondering whether to mug him or not (laughs). But this was enough to mug somebody for, y’know? But, I said, ‘No, we’ll make friends.’ (laughs)”

In June, Bill Wyman released his latest solo album, Back To Basics.

Keith Richards releases his first solo album in 23 years, called Crosseyed Heart on September 18th.

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