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John Fogerty Gearing Up For The Road, Writing New Album

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John Fogerty is gearing up to hit the road for a major North American jaunt with ZZ Top dubbed the “Blues & Bayous Tour” — all while writing his next studio set. Fogerty, who’ll kick off the trek on May 25th in Atlantic City, told Long Island Weekly, that songwriting — like any great art — mainly comes about through a bit of self-doubt and a lot of sweat, explaining, “When you’re not writing for a while, you remember that you’re a musician and you play guitar while you’re on vacation with your family somewhere and you’re not really working. Then you start working on writing these songs and there is a lot of anxiety about finding good stuff. It’s just daunting until, if you’re lucky, you come up with something that’s good. You don’t get there without going through that realization that what you’re doing right now is not very good and then forcing yourself to keep working. I go through the same stuff every single time. It just blows my mind that it has to work like that, at least for me.”

Fogerty, whose legendary songs for Creedence Clearwater Revival helped define an era and inspire the rock and country genres for decades, revealed that working as hard as he could was all he knew: “For me, writing songs was life and death. It’s a phrase I used a lot throughout my life to explain how I felt as a fan and also as an artist. I realized that we didn’t have all the other things successful bands had, meaning a manager, a big label and a big bankroll behind us. When you are lying in bed alone with your thoughts, it’s a time when you can be really honest with yourself. That was kind of my challenge — we had to be the very best — whatever that is. I think it was that obsessiveness that I absolutely couldn’t rest because if I stopped flapping my wings, I was going to fall to the earth and crash and burn.”

John Fogerty told us that despite being one of the biggest hit makers of the late-’60s and early-’70s, he can’t tell a hit from a flop — and usually lets others suggest the singles for his albums: “I’ve learned over time that I seem to have a sense about what is a good song when I really let myself focus and do the work. It seems that later on — what I do when I’m really traveling on all cylinders or working on all cylinders — it seems that those works later on seem to last very well. I couldn’t sit there and say, y’know, ‘Put your money on Number 27 on Tuesday,’ y’know what I’m saying? It’s just, I don’t have that much clairvoyance about it.”

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