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Brad (the news guy) sent me a media advisory about Ann Wilson coming to Rochester. I thought, Rochester is kinda out of the way, but I’m sure there are a couple people who would make the trip if they knew. I contacted a publicist (she said she wasn’t sure if it would happen) who forwarded me to another publicist. THAT publicist later sent me an email saying Ann would be happy to talk. So I replied…or thought I had. I was in an area with little service and my email didn’t send. I waited patiently for a day and didn’t receive a reply. So I checked my sent outbox and realized what happened (I had a feeling…) I sent another email explaining and fully expected to have missed the interview. The publicist said “no problem, we’ll put you on the schedule tomorrow.”

I only had ten minutes to chat but it was great to know that after many years of being a star, Ann Wilson is a totally cool person. Ann is in Rochester at the Kodak center Sunday at 7pm.

Here’s my interview:


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