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Interview – Vapors of Morphine

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I talked with Ithaca native, Jeremy Lyons who is in the Vapors of Morphine about their upcoming show at the Center for the Arts Thursday (5/10/18).

The ’90s band Morphine pioneered a new type of music – “Low Rock” – that had fans grooving worldwide to seductive, sultry and intoxicating sounds that flowed from a wildly innovative lineup: a baritone saxophone, a 2-string slide bass and drums. It was their unprecedented fusion of blues and jazz elements with alt-rock arrangements that gained them critical acclaim and five studio albums in under a decade’s time.

From those ashes have risen Vapors of Morphine and they’re playing with a new fire. Original Morphine members Dana Colley (baritone sax) & Jerome Deupree (drums) are joined by transplanted New Orleans’ blues guitarist Jeremy Lyons. They continue to seduce audiences with dreamy soundscapes, applying inventive arrangements to the unique instrumentation of electric baritone saxophone (evocative of Jimi Hendrix’ guitar), the Sandman-style 2string slide bass or electric guitar and mad jazz-rock drums.

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