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Huey Lewis Talks About Hearing Issues Keeping Him Off The Road

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Huey Lewis appeared on NBC’s The Today Show and discussed the cancellation of his and the News’ summer tour following his diagnosis with Meniere’s disease. The disease, for which there is no cure, can improve, but as of now, Lewis is unable to sing or hear music properly. He explained the exact moment he realized something was terribly wrong: “As I walked to the stage, it sounds like there was a jet engine going on. I knew something was wrong. I couldn’t find pitch — distorted, nightmare. The bass goes (makes crunching sound) — it’s literally noise. It’s cacophony. Even though I can hear you, we can talk, I can talk on the phone — but I can’t sing. I can’t hear music. So, y’know, I can do everything but what I love to do (laughs) the most.”

For more info on Meniere’s disease click here.

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