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Huey Lewis admits hearing loss led to suicidal thoughts: “I actually contemplated my demise”

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Huey Lewis & the News will release Weather in 2020, their first album of original material since 2001.  It features songs the band recorded before a rare ear disorder caused Huey to lose most of his hearing — which the singer now admits led to him consider taking his own life.

In an interview with the literary journal The Whitefish Review, Huey says his hearing loss “has ruined everything,” and adds, “I try not to let it get me down. In the first two months of this, I was suicidal.”

“I thought, ‘S**t, I’m just going to commit suicide,” he continues. “I actually contemplated my demise…I figured pills were the easiest way to go…would I have? I don’t know.”

While Huey’s been struggling with hearing loss for nearly two years, it fluctuates wildly.

“I have sung twice in the last two years when my hearing was better…but I couldn’t do it for a [concert],” he says. “That’s the hard part…I can’t work and I miss that. I miss the guys, the camaraderie and the fun thing we had.”

That said, Huey’s got many other projects in the works, including a jukebox musical of his hits that he hopes will head to Broadway, a documentary film that someone’s making about him, and even a TV show that comically addresses his current situation.

“[In the show] I live in Hollywood. I have a pushy manager named Morrie and now I have hearing loss, so I can’t sing anymore. Morrie’s always trying to figure out ways that I can make some money,” Huey explains, “Reality shows, public appearances…endorsements, etc., and I’m trying to keep my dignity through all this.”

However, Huey, who’s 69, says the show is “a long shot,” adding, ” I’m probably too old, to be honest.”

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