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Homer Town Board Readies Solar Energy Rules

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Supervisor Fred Forbes and the Homer Town Board met Wednesday night.

The Board is waiting for a letter from the Village Board confirming its intention to return to the Town Hall.

Once that is received, the planning of how to divvy up space can begin.

Village trustees also promised the Town a letter indicating its preference for bridge repairs. The town owns the bridges and plans to make one sturdier and wider to accommodate fire trucks, for example.

Now, which one?

Public Hearing on Solar Energy Facilities

Supervisor Forbes asked the most focused questions about a proposed amendment to the Town’s zoning law.

The update would require site plan approval prior to the construction of certain solar energy facilities in the Town.

Following some tweaks to the language used in the rulesĀ and another review by the county, the code update may be voted into law in a month or two.

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