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Homer Republicans Caucus In Preparation For Village Elections In March

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Republicans in the Village of Homer made quick work at their caucus Tuesday night to prepare for village elections in March.

The Village of Homer Board of Trustees: Edward Finkbeiner, Kevin Slack, Mayor Hal McCabe, Patrick Clune, Tim Daley

Two members of the village Board of Trustees were unanimously endorsed for re-election.

Trustee Patrick Clune told the caucus he’ll run on his first term record. “We made a decision on the village/town hall offices. We’ve been more transparent. We’ve changed the website. We’ve consolidated our storage facilities so we’re no longer paying money to outside sources. We’ve done a whole lot with the budget. I want to thank you for your confidence in me.”

Clune looks forward to continuing his work. “Getting our Rt 11 corridor cleaned up a bit more, keeping at work on our budget, booking long range on our fire department and public services, which are so integral to what makes us a great village, and the people that we serve. I just want to say thank you very much.”

Fellow Republican Ed Finkbeiner points to the 2018 village budget as a group accomplishment. “Very proud that we got a balanced budget this year. It’s the first time in at least three or four years, maybe even longer, that we didn’t use a deficit to fund it. It was tough, but I think it’s OK and I think we’ll do very well on it.”

Finkbeiner also believes the new village website and live meeting coverage are points of pride. “Very proud of the website, when you get to watch our meetings full-time, live, on Facebook, and you can even send in questions to us.”

Democrats caucus next week at the American Legion.

Village elections are March 20.

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