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Homer Police Chief Bob Pitman On Spike In Area Phone Scams

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I got a chance to sit down with Homer Police Chief Bob Pitman yesterday morning and talk a little more about the village resident who lost more than $20 thousand in a phone scam.

Pitman told me the victim was an elderly woman, who was taken advantage of with the “loved one” scam where the perpetrator lured her into thinking one of her family members was in trouble and needed help.

That same scame has been found in several areas in our general region, along with many other ones, most of which have been around for a long time yet still claim astonishing amounts of money each year.

The FTC collected more than 1.4 million fraud reports last years and says 25% of those reports amounted to losses totaling $1.48 billion (with a ‘b’) – an increase of 38% over 2017.


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