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Holiday Travel Roundup

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National-weather-serviceIf you or your family is traveling for Thankgiving, we can share some information that may be helpful:

Weather: The National Weather Service predicts that a light wintry mix of freezing rain and sleet is possible Wednesday night. A light coating of ice on roadways could make roads slippery during the evening and overnight. The low temperature is expected to drop to the mid-20s. On Thanksgiving morning, a mix of sleet and snow to start. It changes to rain in the afternoon. The high temperature should be in the mid-30s.

ice-dam-roofIcy: Watch for thin layers of ice on driveways and sidewalks this morning. Some of the snow melted and refroze overnight.




Ithaca-airportFlights: Arrivals and departures on time so far at airports near Cortland in Ithaca, Syracuse, and Binghamton. As of early morning Wednesday only one incoming flight to Syracuse had been canceled.


ConstructionDriving: If you’re driving, The Triple-A reports that gas is a little cheaper this year. The state DOT has suspended road and bridge construction for the holiday. Work resumes Monday morning at 6. Expect traditional delays at the major Thruway tollbooths. I-81 is clear if that’s your getaway plan. The Triple-A expects nearly 49 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more for Thanksgiving this year. That’s an increase of one million travelers from last year, and the most since 2007. 89% will drive.

cell phone drivingDWI/Cell Phones: Remember, police are tasked this holiday with catching high or drunk drivers, along with those using hand held cell phones. Police promise that extra state and local patrols and checkpoints are likely through Sunday night. DMV investigators also want the public to know that they will check bars for underage drinkers and phony licenses.

fire-hydrantFire safety: When it comes to fires, Thanksgiving is the holiday with the most. Suggestion: Keep the crowds down in the kitchen, and put someone in charge of paying attention to what’s cooking.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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