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Heart’s Ann And Nancy Wilson Discuss Family’s Dirty Laundry

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Following our exclusive report detailing the family issues which threaten to keep sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson apart — as well as Heart on the road — both the Wilson sisters have spoken out about the unfortunate situation. As you may remember, last summer, Ann’s husband Dean Stuart Wetter was arrested following the band’s August 26th show in Auburn, Washington, after he allegedly assaulted his nephews — Curtis and Billy Crowe, the twin 16-year-old sons of Nancy Wilson and ex-husband Cameron Crowe. According to the story, the two teens asked to look in Ann’s new tour bus, and Wetter allowed them to but told them to remember to mind the dogs and close the door on their way out.

Last summer, The Seattle Times quoted court reports, which stated that after the boys left and didn’t close the tour bus door: “Wetter allegedly started calling them names, and slapped one of the boys in the back of the head. He then punched him in the head with a closed fist, ‘causing him to see stars’ and grabbed him around the throat. . . When the other boy tried to help, Wetter grabbed him by the throat ‘and squeezed to the point that he could not breathe for about five seconds before letting go.’ The boy complained of a sore throat, pain and ‘fear of dying.'” Wetter was subsequently arrested and was freed on $10,000 bail. Ann Wilson and Wetter married in 2015.

Ann Wilson defended her husband to Rolling Stone, saying, “I’m a person who is completely authentic in my love for my husband and understanding of him. I know him and I know he was really provoked. And it was wrong for him to get into it, but I think he’s a person of extremely high moral fiber. It was just totally unfortunate all around. (Nancy) feels Dean is a monster and is always on the attack. Dean is a Zen warrior; he’s not a fighter. That was a really unfortunate situation that gave everyone the wrong impression about this guy. If she can look around and see that everything really is OK and that her boys were scared, but not hurt, harmed or even marked, then we’ll get back together as a family.”

She went on to say, that she never believed that the situation should have involved the authorities: “The cops were called, which I thought was totally unnecessary. It was something that could have been worked out in a family meeting, but instead, it just went ballistic. I think it was overblown and just grew this other head. My gut reaction (after I found out what happened) was, ‘Let’s get everybody in a room and hash it out.’ All the emotional, super hyper-drama could have been avoided in the first hour.”

After the story was printed, Nancy Wilson issued a statement, which reads: “As much as my sister would have liked to solve this as a family matter, it is categorically against the law not to report any violence against minors. The parents could face serious charges for not reporting.”

She showed signs of the situation thawing, telling the magazine, “I’m an eternal optimist because I’m from a really strong, tight family, and I don’t think any drama that’s temporary is going to change our strong relationship. We just have to get through this first. It’s been kind of a nightmare. . . “I do see a positive way forward and that’s our friendship. . . If (Dean) makes (Ann) happy, then I’m really glad for her. Everyone makes mistakes. It’s been freaky and more negative than it needed to be, but I’m willing and ready to humanize it all and get back into a dialogue, with Ann in particular, about if we’ve still got Heart. I feel pretty positive that we do, but it’s been impossible to know that for a long time now.”

Ann added: “Nancy and I didn’t do this thing. We are each other’s friends and have been and will after this. Right now, we’re supporting each of our families. Nobody in this situation is evil. We have to be like trees that grow around the little imperfections.”

Nancy went on to say, “It’s so unnecessarily competitive and those are the kind of destructive behaviors that harm big, positive relationships like me and Ann’s. I just know in my gut that me and Ann are going to be fine. We love each other and we’ve weathered all kinds of stuff in the past together no one would ever imagine and this is just one of those things. We just don’t need the high school drama swirling around the camp. We just need to talk to each other.”

Nancy Wilson told us that having the band’s future in play due to a messy family situation only adds stress to her and Ann’s problems: “It’s a family business. And, y’know, it’s kind of a sad situation, and, like I say, everybody’s a little bit scarred right now, still. So, the thing to do, is go forward and be positive and stay affirmative about everything as possible.”

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